Basket of Deplorables


A minor flick of the tongue of our potential future Presdent of the United States has had me reeling.  The suggestion that a large enough swath of Americans deserve nothing more than to be dismissed in such a way seems, un-American.

It is not so much that there isn’t truth to the statement, but perhaps not in the way Ms. Clinton had intended.  The fact is, we all hold views that someone, somewhere would find deplorable upon learning.  Nobody is perfect. 

Judeo-Christianity teaches we are all sinners.  This means we are all guilty of deplorable behavior.  As we divorce ourselves from our ancestry more people substitute this teaching with a much more malicious one.  That me and my tribe are the chosen ones and anyone who fails to reflect our ideas are deplorable.
So when a politician seeking the highest office of the land discredits an entire bloc of American voter with a gaffe of this sort is contemptuous.  That she can believe this suggests much more about her than anyone voting for her opponent.


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